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by Crooked Black Heart (Andreas Freiburg)

Made in 48 hours for Gamemaker's Toolkit gamejam.


Jump (Jump in mid air to double jump and drop barrel bomb)
AMove Left
DMove Right
Left ClickShoot
1Equip Red Gun
2Equip Green Gun
3Equip Blue Gun
RRestart Game
FToggle full screen
ESCQuit Game


  • Try to set the high score by killing enemies
  • Health and ammo are shared. For example, blue health is used as ammo for the blue gun.
    • Enemies can be hurt only by bullets of the same color
    • Red enemies give green health when killed
    • Blue enemies give red health when killed
    • Green enemies give blue health when killed
  • If any health/ammo pools is depleted, the game is over
  • The only wait to get more ammo/health is by killing the enemies
  • Enemy bullet colors determine which health/ammo pool is drained when the player is hit
  • Jump in mid-air to drop a barrel bomb
    • Barrel bombs hurt all enemy types


The theme for this game jam was Downwell's Dual Purpose Design

RGB conforms to this theme in the following ways.

  • Health and ammo are shared.  Every time the player shoots in an attempt to kill an enemy, their own health is drained.   
    • The amount of health/ammo for a particular color affects the bullet size.
  • Jumping in mid-air does a double jump and drops a barrel bomb which hurts enemies. 
  • Killing enemies grants the player points and refills their health/ammo pool.
  • Jumping on enemies heads refills the players number of jumps they can do and springs the player into the air.


Engine: Gamemaker studio 2

Music generated using Wolfram Tones

Sounds effects generated using www.BXFR.net

"Art" created using Piskel App (www.piskelApp.com) and Gamemakers in engine pixel editor

Install instructions

Windows only

Double click executable and follow instructions


RGB.exe 4 MB

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